Welcome To My Blog!

Hi Everyone! My name is Amber and I'm ten years old! I live in a beautiful Victorian home with my Nanny Bee and Grampy Staff. We have three Great Danes, one Tabby cat, and two Cockatiels! I love to swim in our pool on warm summer days. I'm going to share my thoughts and dreams with my followers. Along the way, I will share some photos because I love to take pictures! I share a tiny studio with my Nanny Bee and we love to create lots of different art. I also have a special art "corner" in my room that I love to create things in. My favorite things are the special things that I can love for the rest of my life! I hope you will stop by and visit me! :)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

this is the website that i've played for 3 years!


Hello! i'd like to share a website with you! ourWorld.com

on there you can friend me! im: owGods Zanobia

see you there!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012